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A Release from Past Abuse for a Fresh New Start

A Release from Past Abuse for a Fresh New Start

No matter how much work you have done on yourself, there are always more levels of personal liberation to attain. If you think about the all the subtle ways in which happiness eludes you, you can be sure the insidious residues from old abuse are responsible. 


In this session, we heal intensity from past and current abuse. We address trauma, emotional scarring and distortive negative beliefs that originated from abuse in early childhood, in past relationships, in past work situations, in religious organizations and abuse that is currently taking place.


Before listening to this session, have in mind any abusive situations that you were in at any point in your life. Bring to mind the people involved as well as any aspect that you would like clarity and healing on.



Healing points we will address:


1. Releasing the identification, in a fixed point in time and space, as the recipient of abuse. 


2. Releasing Perpetrator identity. 


3. Releasing Sexual abuse.


4. Healing violent physical abuse. 


5. Healing physical abuse received from parents.


6. Healing psychological and emotional abuse from parents. 



7. Releasing the trauma of having witnessed others be abused.


8. Releasing the negative beliefs that come from abuse.


9. Healing the Power disconnect that comes from abuse and repeated abuse.


10. Healing the abuse of Neglect from our parents.


11. Releasing abusive work environments. Verbal abuse. Belittlement. 


12. Healing Self Abuse. Sabotaging ourselves.


13. Reclaiming Victory, success. Reconnecting to instinctual wisdom and higher guidance. Upgrading inner compass.


14. Letting go of the past with ease, Grace, dignity, tranquility, trust, openness, 


15. Rewriting past, present and future cycles to include upgraded versions of past rites of passages, important developmental milestones, crucial mental, emotional and psychological growth processes.

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