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Gabriella Espinosa

Pure Soul Alchemy flows naturally from my being and is an expression of who I am.   This deeply nourishing work is a transmission of transformative energy.   My willingness to serve as a proxy for the healing and our joint commitment to transform ourselves acts as a catalyst and amplifier for the alchemical work that clients receive.  I feel deeply honored to assist you in your powerful soul transformations.  I am truly blessed to work with such amazing and courageous people.  I look forward to our journey together.

How I work

I create a space of connection with your highest alchemical presence and agree to serve as a proxy for the healing processes that are to be brought forth. 

A collaborative experience is formed whereby all are allowed access to their true aspirations and potentials. 

We then research, acquire and implement the procedures necessary to shift the appropriate energetic wavelengths, accommodating the new frequencies. 

A field of resonance between your vibration and your soul's highest aspirations is created.  This new energetic grid serves as the foundation for transformative awareness to manifest within your physical reality.

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