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Experience a transmission of channeled psychic surgery healing technologies on YouTube or scroll down further to play the audio format. Resting is optimal but you can play these sessions while focusing on other things. To receive the most benefit, listen to the recordings for several weeks. Scroll down for downloadable audio format.

Pure Soul Alchemy

Pure Soul Alchemy

Pure Soul Alchemy
A Healing for Forgetfulness

A Healing for Forgetfulness

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Dissolving Paralyzing Fears

Dissolving Paralyzing Fears

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Healing Frequencies for a Reset

Healing Frequencies for a Reset

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Liberate Yourself from Chronic Dissatisfaction

Liberate Yourself from Chronic Dissatisfaction

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Audio Sessions

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Colorful Lights

Healing Frequencies for You to Reset 11-27-23

Illuminated Objects

Let Go of Resentments Now 2-24-23

Cave Explorer

Deleting HyperActive Acute Truama Responses 1-19-23

Abstract Paint

Un-Curse and De-Spell Yourself 11-13-22

Moon Gazing

Full Moon Alchemy Activation 10-9-22

Pulling Rope

Finding your Inner Stability 7-1-22

Enjoying Outdoor

Love your Body - Heal you Body 4-16-22

Walk in nature

Wake Up 1-27-22

Dark Ocean

Shifting Energetic Tides 12-12-21

Eagle Flying

Free Your Thinking 11-2-21

Climbing Plants

Releasing Fear and Your Attachment to It 9-13-21

Accelerate Your Automatic Personal Healing 7-14-2021


Trust Your Magic! 6-26-2021

Senior Couple Doing Yoga

HealthyResponses - Breaking Patterns of Over Reactions 6-18-2021

Spilling Sand

Keeping Up with Change and Staying Ahead 3-13-2021

Present Surprise

Welcoming Good Fortune 2-6-2021

Storm Clouds

Weathering the Storm 11-29-2020

Meditation by the Sea

Investment in Yourself 9-02-2020

Yellow Hot Air Balloon

Self Discipline balanced with Play  5-19-2020

Releasing Chronic Contraction 1-9-2020

Align with Healing Foods Practices Alchemy for taking loving action for body wellness 11-13-19

Break the Cycle of Self Sabotage 8-21-19

Manifestation - A Healing & A Ritual 7-3-19

A Healing for Insecurity 5-16-19

Increasing Relationship Transparency 2-26-19

Alchemy for Maintaining Projects 1-21-19

New Beginnings 12-22-18

Healing Shame 11-17-18

Opening to Higher Guidance and Inner Wisdom 8-30-18

Calm - Release Stress Responses for a Peaceful Life 1-1-18

Healing Impatience 7-24-17

Release Self Sabotage 2-11-17

Expand Your Possibilities and Make Better Choices 1-1-16

Control 9-3-19

Support for Assimilating a Big Life Change  5-7-15

Liberation from Past Rejection 3-2-15

Strengthen your Commitment to That Which is in Your Highest Good 12-29-14

A Healing for our Ancestors 9-27-14

Let Go of Your Pride 17-10-14

Restore Self Confidence 3-7-14

Healing that which is Hidden from the Self 10-4-13

Release Limitations 8-2-13

Release Pressure and Overwhelm from Your Life 6-7-13

Activate Your Courage 5-3-13

Disassembling Illusory Relationship Fantasies 2-4-13

Cease Compulsive Thinking 9-7-12

Reconstruction After a Loss 7-20-12

Healing our Self Image 6-18-12

Clearing Entities 5-25-12

Reconnecting with our Innocence 4-24-12

Transform Bereavement / Loss 10-27-11

Relationship with God / Spirit  9-2-11

Relationships, Mother  7-29-11

Live From Openness and Joy  7-13-11

Aerial View of Forest

Liberate Yourself from Chronic Dissatisfaction 3-16-23

Abstract Background

Overcoming the Trap of Outrage & Indignation 1-25-23

Man Walking in Fields

Break the Habit of Self Isolation 12-14-22

Blue Flowers

Anxiety, Panic Attack, Alarm 10-28-22

Clouds Theme Room

Sleepers 8-8-22

Crystal Salt

Healthy Separation from Thoughts 5-30-22

Cave Explorer

A Boost for Self Esteem 2-13-22

Wooden Chess Pieces

Deliberation 1-5-22

New Flowers

Transmuting Grief and Loss 12-2-21

Tropical Flower

Re-Igniting Your Enthusiasm for Life 9-21-21

Meditation by the Sea

Upgrade Your Physical Body to hold more of Your MultiDimensional Self 8-30-21

Holding The Curtain

Exiting the Victim / Abuser Paradigm 7-4-2021

Eagle Flying

Stop Waiting. Start Living 6-23-2021


Breaking thru Unconscious Money Limits 5-1-2021

Adorable Chick

Ease of Resolving Conflict and Tension 2-25-2021

Abstract Lights

A Divine Reset for Ascension & Enlightenment 12-21-2020

White Feather

A Ritual of Light 10-30-2020

Purple Glow

Aligning with the New Evolutionary Frequencies 6-19-2020

Power Consciousness 2-23-2020

Discerning Truth - Seeing through lies, manipulation and deception  12-11-19

Align with your Higher Purpose and Take Action 10-31-19

Think Positively 8-2-19

Be At Home In Your Self 6-17-19

Removing Entities and Your Attachment to Them 3-23-19

Alchemy for Completing Projects 1-27-19

Alchemy for Starting Projects 1-9-19

Let Go of the Past 12-12-18

Healing from Hatred 9-20-18

Be at Peace with Change 8-10-18