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Below is a list of positive actions you can take to care for yourself post session.

Skim through these resources.

Pick what works and leave the rest.


The Pure Soul Alchemy session sets a powerful process in motion that will continue for some time.

It's important that you nurture yourself after your session and allow for this integration process, as your system will be clearing and transforming emotions and thought patterns that have been unconsciously running you until now.


After that, listen as much as you like.   This will help to deepen the work we did as well as support you through any detox symptoms you may be experiencing. 


Listen to it at a very low volume while you are laying down and resting. Let the transmission flow through you. Comprehension of the wording is not what is important here, but more the transmission. The more you can RELAX, the better. If you fall asleep - great!


Some also listen to it while multi tasking and going about day to day activities. Use your inner knowing about the best way to listen and receive it.


*A Reminder: Some people are extra sensitive and may need to listen less often. Use your inner knowing and adjust according to how you feel. Some people need more than once a day. 


On this site. These GUIDED MEDITATIONS work to move stagnant energies, clear blockages and reset your spirit. 

Practicing these breath cycles several times a day for several days will remarkably facilitate and speed up any spiritual shifts you are going through. 


Use a pendulum or muscle test to find out which one is right for you. If you don't feel comfortable with muscle testing for yourself, feel free to email  I will gladly muscle test for you and recommend the one most appropriate for you free of charge.


On this site.   Over 100 free 20-minute long sessions available to you anytime. I recommend picking one intuitively to listen to.  You can also pick one by the title.  I'm always happy to intuitively pick one for you if you don't feel comfortable with muscle testing, no charge. Just email me and I'll respond within 24 hours.

Receive healing wave energy upgrades to your home, business or cell phone. Try it now for free at this link. I personally have seen numerous positive results in my own home and in my friend's lives - resolutions to long term problems, simply by raising the frequency of the home, business location or cell phone. 


FLFE offers a 15 day free trial for the home version and a 15 day free trial for the cell phone version. I recommend trying them each, one at a time so you get a full month to see if it is right for you. Some people notice immediate shifts and some don't perceive anything at all, so test it out for free first before signing up for a paid plan.


Here is the link to download her simple yet effective method for working yourself out of triggers or unconscious negative debilitating assumptions. You can do these short and straightforward exercises to create an amazing reframing of the mind when it gets snagged on painful thoughts that are generated from old woundings. I highly recommend you check it out and download the worksheet. Make multiple copies to have on hand for when you find yourself in the clutches of negative mind think.


Our bodies know what we need. When in doubt, ask your inner knowing.  A great way to tap into and utilize our body’s innate knowing is muscle testing.  There are many different approaches to this and it is highly beneficial to be able to ask your body specifically what it needs to be supported on your path. 


CLICK HERE to download free muscle testing class notes


CLICK HERE to download the free audio class recording


AND HERE for the muscle testing activation via a Pure Soul Alchemy mini session


pour approximately 1-2 cups of sea salt or epsom salts into a warm bath.  Soak and rest in the tub for AT LEAST 20 minutes.  This will help to relax you, cleanse your physical and electrical bodies and rebalance your energetic body. Also, for body aches and pains, you can add some organic apple cider vinegar. This really helps your physical body.


Your system is working hard right now and it is a good idea to give it periods of rest so it can focus it's energy and consciousness on it's re-calibration.


Extra water is important during this time of restructuring your system. I recommend putting the juice of half a lemon and some stevia or a little honey for maximum benefit. If the body is supported during this time, it makes for a smoother shifting experience. Maintaining proper hydration aids digestion, helps you maintain healthy blood levels, keeps joints and cartilage lubricated and soft, helps the blood carry oxygen and nutrients, helps balance electrolytes, supports waste removal, keeps tissues moistened, helps maintain consistent body temperature.


Sometimes, when we are undergoing a dramatic shifting of our energetics, our physical bodies may need some support to catch up with our new vibration.  Getting some nurturing touch and supportive body/energy healing work may help us to integrate our new energetic grid.


may provide you with the lift you need to move through the transitioning process more gracefully and with more grounding.  It may also be helpful in quickening the  flushing out process.  Also, movement can help you to change your state.

3-5 drops under the tongue.  Here is a LINK to read about them. Rescue Remedy and the other Bach Flower essences are a homeopathic, non-toxic, non-habit forming, natural remedy to soothe the body and the mind.  It can be found in most health food stores.


Your home and garden are a hologram for your inner being.  A good feng shui website  or consultant can help you do on the outside what is coming into being on the inside and vice versa.  This can be powerful reinforcement and grounding for the changes you are experiencing internally.


Making contact, connecting and talking with others may be helpful during this time. During times of great transition, our spirit needs to know that we are not alone with anything - ever!  We are loved and accepted and cared for for who we are - no matter what!  If you do decide to connect with others, check in with your inner knowing to honor your needs during the interaction.


Be with yourself in silence.  Watch, witness, accept, allow whatever thoughts, feelings, images are showing up.


Gratitude for your process is very powerful.  Inwardly express gratitude and appreciation to yourself for everything that is coming to your awareness and for how wonderfully you are handling it all.  These revelations are the treasure maps to retrieving and owning the jewel that you truly are.


Look at your attitude, negative beliefs and the feelings that come from these negative beliefs.  Examine where they are bringing you down and needlessly causing you pain.   Ask yourself, "Am I in the present moment or am I believing something that is long past?  Am I living as if it is still happening today?"  Every moment is a new moment with infinite new and different possibilities.


It’s always amazing how doing one small task towards a bigger goal can move the energy and get one’s momentum going in that new direction.  Taking a small leap of faith by putting one’s focus and action on a small component of a desired new endeavor can open up new possibilities and illuminate pathways that we never imagined were within our reach.  It can show us that WE CAN have what we want! and that WE HAVE the power to make it happen!


Writing down what is inside you can clarify and legitimize innermost thoughts and feelings.  Seeing your thoughts on paper can feel like a fully attentive being is witnessing your inner life and providing support to your process.


My favorite is California White Sage.  Simply burn the dried plant and blow out the flames.  Allow the smoke to cleanse and purify all that is not who you are.  You can smudge yourself and your space.  A little goes a long way with this, so not much is needed.


Reading anything uplifting & inspiring can give you the support and nourishment your being may need to reinforce the changes you are experiencing at the moment.


YouTube has lots of relaxing, ambient music. Here is my BINAURAL BEATS PLAYLIST below. You can literally feel your frequency shift immediately when listening.


Cleaning the kitchen, organizing the closet, creating a new filing system, throwing out the old to make room for the new, cleaning out and organizing your purse, also clearing your desktop on the computer and deleting old computer files are all examples of activities that help to integrate and enliven your process.  Outward activity nurtures and supports inward activity and vice versa, no matter how big or how small the task.


Digging into the earth helps us to ground while we allow our creativity to expand and rebirth itself.  Let Mother Earth nurture you as you have fun with flower bed arranging, planting and tending herb and vegetable gardens, potting and tending indoor plants. Enjoyment of nature establishes an instant connection with beauty and our relationship to the Divine. You can read about Earthing


These are oils taken from plants.  Our olfactory sense is our oldest and most potent sense organ for a direct delivery system of healing.  Make sure to go light with this as a little goes a very long way. Here is a site where you can read about the spiritual and physical healing aspects of the individual oils. DoTerra is my favorite brand but feel free to check out others. Read More


Emotional Freedom Technique is a very powerful tool.  It involves tapping with your fingers on specific points in the order shown below while saying out loud the charged negative belief, pattern, situation.  Doing this together neutralizes emotional charge.  It may take several rounds, but it is definitely worth the 15 minutes it takes.  You will be glad you did! Here is a downloadable reference chart. Print it and place it in a prominent place to remind yourself to use it. 

Vipassana is a mediation practice for seeing reality as it is. Through the simple yet deeply transformative body sensation scanning technique, you'll find that many of the thoughts, ideas, notions that you've carried can fade away. Deeply buried pain surfaces, so that you are able to see through it and come into a space of purity of awareness.  The course is a rigorous schedule of silent practice - all day for 10 days. Noble silence is observed throughout for you to go as deeply as possible in this purification practice. Not everyone will be at the right point in life to take this on, however, when you do find you are ready, here is the link to find out more. If you are considering attending a 10 day Vipassana course, I highly recommend that you do an online search of people's Vipassana experiences to get a feel for what it is. 


I first heard about Medical Medium, Anthony Williams from my friend. She recommended that I do his Liver Rescue 10 day cleanse, as I was suffering from intense menopausal symptoms, steady weight gain and bloating. I thought, "OK. Here's another "expert" who wants to sell me his products -  another program that won't work." And I dismissed it. After several more months of suffering and intensification of my menopausal symptoms, my friend reminded me again of the 10 day Liver Rescue cleanse and something inside me said I needed to do it ASAP, so I bought the kindle version on Amazon and started right away.

After 3 months, my symptoms were significantly less and I had lost some weight. After 6 months, my symptoms were even less and I'd lost even more weight. I have a lot more energy and my moods are a lot lighter.


The morning celery juice was a lot tastier than I expected. The Liver Rescue smoothie was delicious. And I ate all day. Of course, the diet is all fruit and vegetables, juices and smoothies. I started feeling a little better right away and more and more every day. Since then, I have stuck to the diet. Eliminated most fats and oils. And feel better than I have in a very long time. I love that he says to do the parts that you can and go from there. The more intense your conditions are, the more strict you might want to be with his recommendations.

I recommend starting with his latest book, Cleanse to Heal. It offers many modifications and alternative cleanses for many different conditions. Here are two other books that are stellar: the Liver Rescue Book and also his first book, Medical Medium.  Here are some links to his Website, Instagram, YouTube page. He offers a TON of free information and people share their experiences and successes on his feeds. 

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