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Family 5 - A Healing for our Parents

Family 5 - A Healing for our Parents

You've heard the old saying, "If Mom's not happy, then nobody's happy."  Well, it's true.  Anytime one or both of our parents are going through prolonged struggle, we receive the reverberations from them underneath our radar.  We may feel anxious or uneasy, sad, angry or even physical pain for no apparent reason.   


We literally experience their suffering but our system does not know what to do with this information because it's now ours to "fix" or "deal with.


In our session, we will bring our parents in (vibrationaly) for a healing - even if they have passed away.  We will also perform a disengagement from their struggles so that we may better attend to our own lives and be a clearer support for them. Win win!


You'll be amazed at the positive impact this will have on your own life!


Bring the names of both parents and one area in their life that is difficult or challenging for each of them.


You can ask them directly what they are struggling with before hand before listening to your session recording. If they won't share their area of difficulty with you, no worries.  Silently, tune into them, take your best guess and write that down. Often times, parents won't share where they are struggling with their kids to protect them even if their children are grown adults (parents do that) but we can feel it.

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