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A Spring Cleaning for Relationships

A Spring Cleaning for Relationships

In this alchemy healing session, we address many aspects that come up in relationships. Whether you are already in a relationship and would like a healing on specific topics for you and your partner or if you aren’t currently in a relationship and would like to attract a wonderful partner into your life, this session has something for everyone.

Before listening to the session, have in mind the specific topics you are wanting addressed personally You can even write them down for yourself in advance so you have a specific focus in mind. This will bring healing attention to the areas that need it.

Here are just a few of the healing points we address in this session:

1. Clearing past relationships and old partners out of your field.
2. Incorporating the wisdom learned from past relationships, including your parent’s relationship, into your current relationship orientation.
3. Cleansing of programming that interferes with your essential self being a part of a loving Union.
4. Clearing relationship trauma / drama from the past and any fear-based expectations of re-experiencing them.
5. Cleansing away old personas you incorporated during past relationships.
6. Awakening to knowing you deserve a wonderful, loving, peaceful relationship.
7. Healing current relationship disharmony, distrust and polarities.
8. Healing from Domination / Submission / Solitary archetypes.
9. Clearing relationship projections.
10. Allowing ourselves to receive the full blessings that our partner brings to us.
11. Upgrading our capacity to do the necessary work in relationship (upgrading processes will be sent to our partner as well).
12. Upgrading our communication abilities and listening power in relationship.
13. Upgrading our conflict resolution skills.

plus many many more…

**If you have yet to experience a Pure Soul Alchemy session, it is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with it by watching a session or two on my YouTube channel

Pure Soul Alchemy is a channeled energetic field where transformative operations and procedures are enacted for you while you comfortably relax. Through Gabriella's perception and vocalization of the inner energetic landscape, we are opened in ways which allow for these processes to come into our physical reality and enact change on our behalf.
Plan to be laying down for the duration of the session.


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