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Change your Life session 2 - In with the New. Firing up New Positive Paradigms

Change your Life session 2 - In with the New. Firing up New Positive Paradigms

In this session, we will initiate a higher affinity with those goals and aspirations you've set your sights on for bringing in. These can be a better relationship with spouse, family, coworkers; a new or better career; being nicer to yourself; committing to taking care of your body; etc.


Have in mind two new and improved positive outcomes that you would like to make happen this New Year. Your clear determination will definitely guide your session. While the focus in this session is to add new and upgraded life paths, structural designs, life management skills and templates, we will also do a certain amount of releasing that which is antiquated and not serving you any longer.


**IMPORTANT** Right before listening to your session, envision any and all resistance you may have in regards to receiving new positive upgrades (known and unknown) - relaxing, releasing and exiting your field. Envision your body, mind and spirit joyously and easily receiving these new life enhancements. You deserve the very best!


We are most Resistant to the good things in life and to positive life changes that are beneficial to you. Without even knowing it, you can turn a blind eye and energetically say "No" to positive changes and opportunities that are already coming your way. 


Before listening to this session, take a few seconds and simply acknowledge this resistance in yourself and inwardly declare that you now choose to relax into these processes. This will alleviate any resistance that may arise and allow the processes to penetrate deeply.

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