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Claiming Love as the Center of Your Life Growing the Love Within

Claiming Love as the Center of Your Life Growing the Love Within

When we look at the the people and situations in our lives from a space of love, everything makes sense and falls into its correct place, rhythm and balance. The right words come. The correct decisions are clear. We automatically know how to proceed in the next moment. 


This isn't due to some magical or mystical phenomenon. It's because, when we are seated in the center of love, our heart consciousness is linked to the splendor of life in all of its forms. We are connected to universal good will. We want what God / Spirit wants.


In this session, we will deconstruct some of the hidden obstacles that continually thwart our love consciousness from flowering. We will grow our connection to Universal caring. Plus we will Attune ourselves to strengthening our commitment to choosing love as the Prime Mover in our lives



Some of the Many Healing points we will address in our session:


Deconstructing love fantasies and illusions to make room for Real love to take root in our lives. 


Strengthening and enhancing the healthy and continual Heart Love Consciousness Flow. 


Setting our Authentic Love signature as the Primary operating force in all of our experiences. 


Releasing the false sense of self, of story and of identity that maintains a separation from love and loving connection. 


Attuning our senses to perceive from and with love.


Releasing Self Loathing, self disregard. Releasing invalidation and a deep rooted self concept, "I am unloveable." 


Releasing unfulfilled needs for love from childhood.


Releasing the belief and programming that it's not safe to communicate your needs and desires in relationship. Expanding loving communication.


Releasing smothering, over attentive, obsessive, fixation parenting style and the distorted relationship programming it created. 


Releasing unfulfilled needs for love from past relationships and partners. Healing the pain of unrequited love - love not received in the way we needed in our hearts


Growing in our connection to Universal caring.


Reclaiming contact with our authentic love flow. 


Releasing unresolved bitterness, disputes, arguments, dis loyalties, betrayals, abandonments, back stabbings.

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