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Claiming Your Victory! Deconstructing Fear of Success, Fear of Failure and other

Claiming Your Victory! Deconstructing Fear of Success, Fear of Failure and other

In this lifetime, you've dreamed of achieving many wonderful goals. What a great feeling it is to accomplish your vision! Often, though, with certain particular goals, you find yourself stuck and unable to make them happen. You'd love to achieve these goals, but feel powerless to make them into a reality and end up feeling frustrated, confused, hopeless, unfulfilled or inadequate. 


In this session, we will address the many underlying blocks to your success. We will activate your inner resources and align with support from your spirit helpers. 


Before listening to this session, have in mind between 1 and 3 goals you've had little to no success with and would like to see come in to reality.


Healing points we will cover in our session:


1. Extracting a gross denial of our gifts, truth, talents, desires, aspirations. Reinstating a serene ownership, valuing and acceptance of our inner power. Deep dispelling of "Long Shot" mentality.


2. Removing the under estimation of our ability to handle potential challenges...both real and imagined. 


3. Releasing a pronounced Victim / Dis empowerment identification and resulting incapacitation and overloading effects. 


4. Dispersal of the fear of succeeding. 


5. Dispersal of the Fear of Failure. 


6. Major overhaul on Interruptions of our dreams and goals by financial worries. Healing Beliefs of insufficiency, lack. 


7. Healing a sense of paralysis and inability to move forward in the direction of our goals. 


8. Buoyancy rejuvenation. Healing the symptoms of disconnection from our success. Healing sluggishness, immobility, mental distraction tendencies.


9. Activation for a Renewal of Hopefulness, Optimism, Enthusiasm, Faith. 


10. Releasing a false sense of enthusiasm, blind faith, fake it til you make it, out of body orientation to building your new goals and dreams. 


11. Bringing in our spirit helpers into the inner workings of our most challenging goals. Allowing them to intervene in our favor.

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