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Cleansing the Artificial - Making Space for Authenticity

Cleansing the Artificial - Making Space for Authenticity

Everyone has adopted some artificial personality structures to some degree.  Society is rich with “prescriptions for success,” expectation of conformity and social norms that perpetuate a sense of safety and belonging. 




This isn't wrong or bad. Some of it can be quite useful, however, it can also impose an overlay of limitation onto the true expression of your soul, squelch the sense of expansiveness from your experiences and numb the interplay with life on your soul’s terms.




In this session, we will deconstruct these programs of artificiality to liberate your psyche and reset your life orientation to one of authenticity, passion and synchronistic creativity with a purpose.





Some of the healing points we address in this session:






1.  Destroying the programming of framing the heart through other people's perception and expectations of you.




2.  Cultivating frame of reference for peaceful integrity with that which truthfully brings you joy




3.  Clearing “performance anxiety” in terms of stepping out of old repeating rituals that stifle, limit and confine spontaneity, creativity, originality and faith and trust in your own generative approach.




4.  Clearing constricting patterns of negating the soul, ignoring the soul whisperings and 


avoidance of soul structure for guidance inspired living to take hold. Clearing avoidance


 traction and tendencies.




5.  Clearing belated posturing that conforms the body/spirit/mind to incidences from the past. 




6.  Eroding the terror of NOT conforming to rigid cultural, societal and family guidelines for success on their terms.




7.  Clearing our most insidious egoic roles for “societal success.” The false sense of accomplishment.




8.  Aligning with soul integrity. Moving forward with deep connection to what is true for yourself. 




9.  Releasing the pattern of finding our value and legitimacy from external sources and people. 




10.  Re dedicating your conscious attention to your own loving worth and presence.





plus many more...


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