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Clearing Beneath t Surface 3 Adopting Optimism Consciousness session information

Clearing Beneath t Surface 3 Adopting Optimism Consciousness session information

You can fully participate in the session by listening to the recorded session at your leisure. You will receive the full power of the operations enacted in the session simply by playing the digital recording whether you listen to it or not.



Pure Soul Alchemy is a channeled energetic field where transformative operations and procedures are enacted for you while you comfortably relax. Through Gabriella's perception and vocalization of the inner energetic planes, we are opened in ways which allow for these processes to come into our physical reality and enact change on our behalf.



It is recommended that you lay down and rest while listening to the session.


In these times of high intensity transformation, it often takes a Herculean effort to stay positive and optimistic about what is possible. Keeping your outlook on the bright side, while being conscious of your authentic emotions AND staying focused on your goals, is a delicate dance.


Old patterns of defeatism and hopelessness can creep in and thwart your capacity to staying open to creating and allowing powerful positive change.


In this session, we will initiate transformative processes to help us to more readily choose to look on the bright side of growth opportunities and make our processes of change more graceful and bountiful.



Some of the healing points we will address in our session:



1. Deconstructing patterns of hopelessness, defeatism, nihilism that get triggered just at the crux of change.


2. Upgrading our perspective to more readily assume a posture of optimistic intentionality, moment to moment.


3. Deconstructing the denied, suppressed, unconscious fear of manifesting positive change.


4. Recovering the capacity to see through the illusion of doubt and pessimistic preconceptions and see through to the other side of infinite potentiality.


5. Bringing in divine support for the allowance of the death process of the old hopelessness pathways of the brain


6. Cultivating new clear foundational resolve for self-checking and empowering inner adju