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Clearing Beneath the Surface Series Session 2 - Deconstructing Hidden Paranoia

Clearing Beneath the Surface Series Session 2 - Deconstructing Hidden Paranoia

In this series, we will be implementing healing processes for those parts of your awareness that have been blocked off due to sublimated pain.




Paranoia is such a mysterious phenomenon that can come on suddenly for no apparent reason. Most of the times, when it happens, we don't even realize that that's what's going on. Unfortunately, it often is a prime contributor to our shying away from people and experiences that could potentially bring great joy and fulfillment. 




In this session, we will begin a deep cleansing and disengagement of some of the hidden underlying paranoia programs that adversely affect our well being and soul fulfillment.




***Because we are addressing HIDDEN areas of pain, most people who need this specific healing work won't consciously seek it out. So, to work around this, we are setting an intention for all the processes enacted in this session be transmitted to anyone we are even remotely connected to: Those in our vicinity. Acquaintances and distant acquaintances. Those from our past, present and future. 

Setting the intention that each person who listens to this session, at any time, serve as a powerful beacon of healing and honor and serve as a transmitter of humility, respect for self and for all of creation. We do this with the vision that people will begin transforming hidden paranoia programs organically - for a world vision of peace for all beings. 





Some of the healing points we will address in our session:




1.  Reconstructing the Self as powerful and worthy. Substantiating the Validity of the self.




2.  Strengthening our capacity to notice and become aware of when deep hidden levels of paranoia are in operation… Influencing our perception… Driving our choices.




3.  Releasing subtle field posturings of being a victim of circumstances, being at the mercy of outer forces.




4.  Initiating a “Return to and a repair into wholeness” for wounded / shattered aspects within our being.




5.  Healing Paranoia negative thought cycling and false beliefs : “I am powerless. Power is outside of myself. Existence is outside of me. I am alone in all senses of the word.”




6.  Releasing the misperception that life is a battle, a struggle. Releasing patterns' of erroneous anticipation / projection onto situations that "we have to fight, defend, protect." 




7. Releasing hidden structures of paranoid delusions that operate under the basic persona functionality structure in our lives.




8.  Releasing affiliation, credence, believing in, any and all connection to all manner of Paranoia storylines. 




9. Healing Hidden Paranoia underpinnings of shock, inlaid trauma, paralysis based in fear.




10.  Disengaging from Mass Consciousness Paranoia design.




11. Chakra healing and upgrading.




12. Discharging Paranoia Shock Trauma from the physiological and kinesthetic muscle memory.




13. Making healing contact with our own early childhood traumatic events that precipitated our individual version of Paranoia.



plus many more...




You can fully participate in the session by listening to the recorded session at your leisure.  You will  receive the full power of the operations enacted in the session by listening to the digital recording.


Pure Soul Alchemy is a channeled energetic field where transformative operations and procedures are enacted for you while you comfortably relax.  Through Gabriella's perception and vocalization of the inner energetic planes, we are opened in ways which allow for these processes to come into our physical reality and enact change on our behalf.  

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