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Clearing Self Doubt Part 2

Clearing Self Doubt Part 2

Clearing Self Doubt to Unleash Your Infinite Brilliance #2 71812
Clearing Doubt to Reveal Your Full Potential Session 2: REALizing Your Infinite Brilliance

We all experience a little doubt from time to time. It is a normal part growing and learning in life. When it interferes with our ability to move forward, we feel even worse about ourselves and our planet. When this happens it's time for us to step-in on our own behalf.

Self Doubt is the result of having lost sight of our connection to our central core. Doubt about existence and others is a result of having lost sight of our connection to the whole of creation.

In this 2 part series, we will transmute any limiting ideas about existence & who we are, initiate practical ways to diffuse these & connect with our inherently brilliant capacity for moving through life.

Before listening to the recording, prepare in advance -

2 expressions of your brilliance which you would like to unleash and bring forward more significantly into your life and the world

2 areas of doubt (about self or others) which holds you back from fully realizing your brilliance.

Intentions for the session:

***Rebuilding Vital Channels between our Sexual Center GENERATIVE CENTER 2nd chakra & our expression of our Brilliant Talents/ skill sets which we have laid aside for whatever reason (impractical, harsh self judgement, inner betrayal, criticism - internal and external, imposed societal ingrained perceptions) to create on all the levels.

Unleash healing services to have freedom, ease and joy in expressing my creative/artistic gifts.

Clearing not owning that I have a valuable gift to offer in my healing service. Clearing not stepping out as the healer. Clearing Not knowing That it / I will be well received. People want, need and benefit from my healing service. Owning that I have the power to create/design the life that I desire/crave.

Clearing the doubt that it's safe to share all parts of myself in relationships and censoring myself often to air on the side of safety.

Clearing believing in separation of spirit and form. Opening to communion with all aspects of the sacred (form) of nature.
Open dance of spirit and form through color and art, bringing with it a new way of creating a flow of abundance into my life. financial income from my art.

Clearing lack of sufficient Energy. Clearing the doubt that I have the energy to create a new life, and the belief that is SO hard.

Opening talents for art (drawing/painting) and music. Opening innate psychic abilities and creativity.

Clear doubt and worries/anxiety about the future and about being able to meet basic needs of survival, which disrupts the creative flow.

I move forward confidently with finishing my novel and having it published. I express my words creatively and with confidence.

Life purpose is continually becoming clearer, I believe that I was meant to use my voice through words and example to help others to use their voices for the greatest good of all. I ask that my life's purpose continue to be highlighted with ease and joy.

Helping others to find their VOICE - (writing and speaking) by finding my voice. I want to remember my dreams and receive messages from them.

Releasing the fear of criticism from others about what I should or should not do. I release these doubts in order to recognize and give room for my brilliance.

Release not feeling confident and release fear of being visible in the world. I am comfortable with being seen and heard.

Clear the Preoccupation with the outcome, product and assessment so much so that it you lose the whole creative flow altogether.
Clear the unhealthy need for external recognition


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