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Clearing Self Doubt Part1

Clearing Self Doubt Part1

Clearing Self Doubt 1 Heal Limiting Beliefs about yourself. Clearing Doubt to reveal Your full potential 71112
We all experience a little self doubt from time to time.  It is a normal part growing and learning in life.  When it interferes with our ability to move forward, we feel even worse about ourselves.  When this happens it's time for us to step-in on our own behalf.
Self Doubt is the result of having lost sight of our connection to our central core.  Limiting ideas about ourselves can greatly obscure, or even block out completely, our knowledge of the magnificence and infinity of who we are.
In this 2 part series, we will transmute any limiting ideas about who we are, initiate practical ways to diffuse these & connect with our inherent capacity for moving through life.
The energy of creation flows through all of us. When we loose sight of who we are, this creation energy can intensify any thoughts and emotions that we are currently experiencing.  

Have in mind before listening to your recording:
one area in your life where you feel the most doubt about yourself and your abilities & and one way in which you feel doubt about others, the world, existence & life.

Intentions for the session:
Affirmation: I have a valuable gift to offer in my healing service. Putting myself out there as the gifted healer that I am. Stepping out as the healer. That it / I will be well received. People want, need and benefit from my healing service. I have the power to create/design the life that I desire/crave.

Affirmation: I am confident in a committed relationship, I am able to give voice to my needs and I am open to a healthy relationship.

Affirmation: I trust in divine order and know that all is aligned to bring the right position to me at the right time. I am open to receiving.

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