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Creativity Series 1 Creativity Outside the Box!

Creativity Series 1 Creativity Outside the Box!

Do you ever feel like you are in a creative rut? That you can't quite break out of the grooves of your "safe" or "boring" routine? Are you recreating the same set of circumstances even though you want something totally different? Do you dream of having a creative outlet that is fulfilling and nourishing?


As a child, you had no limits to your creativity. Wouldn't it be great to operate this way as your adult self where living outside the box is your comfort zone AND creative playground?


In this healing session, you can knock down the walls to your creativity and let it guide you to happiness.

You will create a new normal for your awareness to find and reclaim the Innovative and Spontaneous Pathways to Your Creative Zeal.


Pre and Post Session "Jog Your Creativity" Exercise:

In the days leading up to this session and for 2 weeks after, do one different thing a day - that you wouldn't normally do. Examples: Go to work following a different route. Buy and use different spices that you normally wouldn't cook with. Wear the clothes in your closet that you hardly ever wear. Do different exercises. Choose different vocabulary (word choices) to communicate. Call or get together with someone you haven't spent time with before. You get the picture.


Prepare in advance:

-One area of stagnation or a rut you and your creativity are in.

-One fresh new characteristic that you are intending your creativity to become.

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