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Creativity Series 2 Unleash Your Creative Joy!

Creativity Series 2 Unleash Your Creative Joy!

Remember how fun it used to be to engage your creativity as a child? You could get lost in exploration and adventure for hours. As grown ups, we have been trained to put our creative joy and wonderment aside in order to focus on "more important adult things." Over the years, our creativity has gradually taken a side line to "achievement, prestige, success and earning an income." 

In this session, you will take back your creative license by reorienting your awareness back to the creative fun in life.


Fulfilling your creative joy is an essential component in a having a healthy, flowing and engaged creative cycle.

This session will help bring the FUN back into all of your creative endeavors.


Prepare in advance:


-One joyful creative element you feel you have lost from childhood or young adulthood which you would like to reclaim


-One negative belief, blockage or past trauma that you feel has taken away from your capacity to follow your creative bliss.

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