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Enhancing Extra Sensory Perception Session 1: Lifting the Veils

Enhancing Extra Sensory Perception Session 1: Lifting the Veils

When we first come into this world, we have massive access to all our perceptions. Because it is quite overwhelming for a newborn infant to take in ALL of that information, we learn to gradually, shut part of our impressionistic knowing down so that we can focus and function in this life. This is a normal part of the soul having a human experience. However, because we go through all kinds of traumatic events and undergo social & familial conditioning in life, we drastically shut our inner perceptions down to a mere trickle in order to protect our sensitive systems from overload of intensity.


In this session, we will focus on healing any traumas & conditioning (known and unknown) that have contributed to the shutting down of our Clair-senses. We will then optimize our psychic openness, deepen our ESP receptivity and increase our capacity to apply this extra sensory information productively into our every day lives.


Before listening to your session prepare in advance - 2 things (traumatic experiences, etc.) that you feel have contributed to shutting down your extra sensory perception and 1 positive intention for heightening your ESP.

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