Enhancing Extra Sensory Perception Session 2: Connecting w Our Spirit Guides

There is so much more to our world than meets the eyes. We are surrounded by beings and energies all the time. Wouldn't it be nice to know which ones are in our best interest to connect with, form a stronger awareness of them and deepen this presence in your life? 


In this session, we will focus on opening and connecting with our Higher Guidance along with healing and heightening our Discernment in terms of connecting with beneficial non-physical beings. We will also establish and deepen connections with those higher benevolent beings that are ready and happy to play more of a role in the advancement of our souls. 


For your session prepare in advance - 2 higher beings or guides that you already have and would like to deepen that bond. If you don't know of any, just bring your Willingness to meet and establish relationship w your guides. They are already there.



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