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Family 4 - Clear Unconscious Family Agreements

Family 4 - Clear Unconscious Family Agreements

We all love our families dearly, yet, every family has areas of unconsciousness that can serve as opportunities for growth, evolution and even better relating.


The family structure is made up of complex rules for compliance. We formed agreements in our family of origin to maintain a level of unconsciousness within the unit for the purposes of feeling safety, belonging and for the functionality of the whole. In order to fit in with our family, we agreed to not discuss or question certain dysfunctional behaviors and expectations, and gave up a part of ourselves in the process. We became normalized to them in order to carry on. Unfortunately, the agreements formed a constrictive binding that keeps us recreating the same set of dysfunctional circumstances in our present day life.


Join in this family healing session where we dismantle these constrictive family agreements, emancipate our conscious free will and set our spirits free to create a fresh new way of being in our lives.


For your session prepare in advance:

- a family agreement that you have held onto (or one that has held onto you) - that is holding you back from your rightful expansiveness &

- what do you envision would be different about you and your life if you completely let go of that agreement.

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