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Heal Disharmony with Another Person / Love Your "Enemy"

Heal Disharmony with Another Person / Love Your "Enemy"

Are you having difficulty with a friend, neighbor, soul mate, co worker, ex, boss, etc.?


If so, you are not alone. We all experience disharmony with others at some point. 


Usually, what is happening is that both parties are holding onto a negative belief about self and other. These interlocking negative beliefs bind all involved in an antagonistic position leaving all feeling paralyzed, helpless, alone, betrayed, victimized and stuck. 


Those people who take on the vital role of "enemies" in our psyche, are our greatest teachers. They show up in our lives to show us where we are out of alignment within our selves.


In this session, we will utilize our current and past disharmonies with others as a doorway to gaining a deeper understanding of the hidden programming that is undermining our relationship with our selves and others.


You will gain a higher perspective of the situation, gain some valuable insights about your self and release the negative intensity once and for all.



Before listening to your session recording, prepare in advance -


The name of a person, a social group or a company that you feel stuck in a negative vortex with

and a brief description of the situation. It can be a situation from the distant past as well.

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