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Heal Your Sensual Essence Part 2

Heal Your Sensual Essence Part 2

Heal, Restore and Live your Divine Sexual Essence 42412
Session 2 of a 2 session series.

Our Divine Sexual Essence is the Power Source which drives our lives. When we have blocks, compartmentalizations or repressions of our Sacred Sexual Fire, we deprive ourselves of parts of our vital fuel which allows us to flow through all areas of life in creativity, bliss, spice and pizazz.

In this series: We will identify, activate and integrate those parts of our Sacred Sexual Essence which have been denied and long forgotten.

Before listening to the recording, prepare the following: ONE aspect of your divine sexual essence which you are ready to activate into your every day consciousness.
AND Up to 3 earlier traumas to your sexual persona which you feel has impeded your ability to radiate your divine sexual brilliance.

These will be addressed in the recorded session.

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