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Heal Your Shadow

Heal Your Shadow

Illuminate, Embrace and Heal Your Shadow Self 10312
Because our lives are very busy, we spend a lot of time and energy just trying to keep up with the demands of every day living.  What becomes a normal part of life is the suppression of certain parts of our consciousness in order to merely survive.
When we reclaim, heal and assimilate these parts of ourselves, we have a greater access to our hidden talents, gifts & abilities.
In this session, we will welcome and examine the parts of our consciousness that never get a chance to see the light of day. These usually are the parts that long for more and feel unfulfilled.
We call these aspects of self the SHADOW because they live in the recesses of our awareness.  They are usually unhealed, in pain and crying out for help.  Quite often, they direct and steer our lives in an unhealthy way that is contrary and disruptive to our desired goals, dreams and plans.

Before listening to the session, prepare in advance -
One way in which you suspect a part of you is taking a back seat in your own life. This is an under developed side of your persona that wishes for a more substantial life expression and experience.
One way in which you suspect an unhealed aspect of yourself is sabotaging your goals & vision.
One change you imagine that would make all the difference in the world to this part of you.

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