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Healing Anger And It's Shadow Disempowerment

Healing Anger And It's Shadow Disempowerment

Rage is fueled by the primal imperative to defend our lives. This survival instinct to defend ourselves can get activated by the most seemingly benign things and it always seems to rears it’s ugly head at the most inopportune times.


When anger takes a hold of us, we forget that we have our power, that we are loved and that we can respond with kindness. We fall prey to the seduction of victim hood and to the compulsive call to battle for our self righteousness. We lose sight of the reality that we are safe and then fall under the illusion that we are under threat. At this point, it's unavoidable to misinterpret situations as Def con 5. We lose control by either exploding onto others or imploding and hurting ourselves.


In this session, we begin to unravel some of the family of origin and ancestral Anger / Raging structures and commence repairing where we have lost connection to our central power base within. We clear the path to working productively and lovingly with our anger/rage to harness the deep potentials for transcendence that the surfacing anger brings.


Healing points addressed in our session:

1. Healing Dis empowerment /Dependency DNA designs.

2. Deconstructing Family of origin limitations, blockages, impediments to self empowered living.

3. Having suffered abuse at the hands of Angry Raging parents

4. Healing self esteem collapse for the child that we were.

5. Releasing the propensity to recreate the same types and levels of abuse from partners, business relationships, etc.

6. Removing toxic Rage entity attachments

7. Healing the underlying fracturing of the identity.

8. Stepping into the upside of Healthy Anger - Personal Empowerment reclamation.

9. Disengaging of the circular Anger Story trappings that have imprisoned us

10. Healing and disengaging from life long held Raging patterns of abusing others.


plus many more...

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