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Healing Avoidance - Reclaiming Inspired Living

Healing Avoidance - Reclaiming Inspired Living

The definition of avoidance is “the process of staying away from something or someone.”  For the purposes of this session we will be working on the avoidance of taking beneficial actions and positive choices.


When corrective / constructive action is called for, we sometimes feel unable to initiate movement into right action. This can be due to many reasons but the main reason is fear.  Taking right action often brings with it, the undertaking of a big change in consciousness and the deconstruction of a false identity or a false sense of security.


In this session, we will address the deeper fear of encountering our soul’s responsibility as well as the fear of the required change to our life paradigm that it brings. We will deconstruct the misperceptions and disempowering faulty reasoning which have limited our taking decisive positive action. And we will expand into supportive growth momentum practices.  




Healing points addressed in our session:





1.  Deconstruction of the pain body addiction to mistrust. Mistrust of alternative forms of problem solving. Mistrust of self. Mistrust of others.




2.  Vital life replenishment. Relinquishing the copying and replaying of life sequences from our past that no longer apply to the betterment of our life.




3.  Releasing a concentric overview of disappointment and failure….manifesting as past evidence of incapacitation and certain failure projections.




4.  Releasing deeper unconscious level fears of encountering our soul’s responsibility. Releasing “hiding from ourselves,” hiding from our inner knowing.




5.  Deconstructing the misperceptions and disempowering faulty reasoning which have limited our taking decisive positive action.




6.  Creating new growth strategies that circumvent and override past avoidance limitation constructs.




7.  Releasing the psychic bondings and tetherings to negative, destructive, detrimental influences, people and organizations.




8.  Releasing old alignments with terror. Releasing terror projections displaced onto our power and gifts from childhood traumas and past life woundings.




9.  In initiating change or a project, Healing the not knowing where to start, the loss of bearings with organization and management and pacing.




10.  Reclaiming our soul inspiration, soul creativity. Expanding our creative soul pathways to substantially bring our soul service into physical form.




11.  Releasing fear of our own soul imperative. 



plus many more...

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