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Healing Fear of Abandonment - Awakening our Inspired Spiritual Autonomy

Healing Fear of Abandonment - Awakening our Inspired Spiritual Autonomy

Fear of Abandonment is based on an underlying fear of loss and a fallacy of our hearts perception that says we are inherently alone. This creates a complex whereby our actions are determined by a sense of desperation / panic to hold onto people or situations as well as motivated by the supposition that we can either (a) defy the law of impermanence or (b) hopelessly give up on ourselves and that which is precious to our hearts. 


Fear of abandonment has many different manifestations. Sometimes, it can work behind the scenes subtly keeping you locked into choices that perpetuate your having a smaller life than is necessary. Other times it can express itself as very intense emotions, actions, communications. It can spin you out of control and make you momentarily appear to have lost all contact with logic. It can also take the form of repetitively attracting people who will abandon you.


Whatever the form it takes, Fear of Abandonment wrecks havoc in your relationships and greatly interferes with your ability to others and to positive opportunities for the betterment of your life. 


A Few Healing Points we will cover in our session:


1. We will heal you of many different angles of abandonment. 


2. We will reawaken your inspired divine Autonomy.


3. We will initiate a self perpetuating contact with the cosmic flow of your essential spirit. 


4. Most importantly, we will assist you to turn your fear of abandonment over to God. 


When we turn our fear of abandonment over to spirit, we surrender to the gift of the next moment coming to us from source. A reconciliation with the cosmic flow of our lives ensues and then a new set of life circumstances takes hold...even better than we could have imagined for ourselves. AND ... We also receive a boon in the form of a substantial healing of our heart.

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