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Healing from a Major Loss

Healing from a Major Loss

This session is for those who have undergone a substantial loss. Whether you've lost someone dear to you, lost a job, endured the death of a loved one or gone through a relationship ending, the shock of a huge loss is a massive and life altering event. Life as you know it will never be the same and yet within the chaotic turmoil, a divine opportunity to rebirth your existence is at hand. 


In this session, we will heal the impact of a sudden loss. We will assist your new life balance recovery and stabilization process. And we will create new vitalistic life templates - establishing a new stable sense of home in self as well as connecting with our vital life soul stream intelligence. 


This session is perfect for anyone who's gone through a loss, recent or long past.



Healing points we will address in our session:


1. Healing the heart annihilation that accompanies a monumental loss. 


2. Healing the existential fear that follows a significant loss.


3. Healing the loss of a sense of supportive and stabilizing gravity, the loss of a sense of place in this life.


4. Healing long term, deeply imbedded depression based on stuck grief from a past loss.


5. Healing residual grief outlook.


6. Healing the anger that comes with a big loss.


7. Assisting the process of reconciling with the void, the empiness after a loss.


8. Healing disbelief and immense cognitive dissonance that accompanies a big loss.


9. Supporting the cellular and subatomic level to heal a major loss.


10. Healing blame in all its manifestations.


11. Healing the misplaced responsibility for the loss.


plus many more...

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