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Healing Rejection in all it's forms: Healing The Rejected aspects of Self

Healing Rejection in all it's forms: Healing The Rejected aspects of Self

The degree of Rejection you perceive in your external life is directly proportional to the extent to which you internally reject yourself. This Self rejection is usually unknown to your conscious mind and therefore adversely automatically influences your external circumstances. 


Anytime you have suffered a traumatic rejection, the typical way of dealing with it was the formation of a dense energetic and psychological encasement in order to carry on with your life. Contacting and healing this buried material is our salvation. But, because intense Pain usually resides underneath this encasement...the personality will try to avoid contact with it at all costs.


In this session, we will focus primarily on healing the pathways in your psyche that have been traumatized and shut down by the different forms of rejection that are encountered over your lifetime. We will also gently dissolve those old psychological pain encapsulations so that you may bring past pain into the light of your conscious heart-mind and compassionately recover your capacity to give and receive love. 


Healing Points we will cover in our session: 

1. Healing the Partitioning off of our lives - those parts of us that lay dormant due to rejection of self.


2. Developing our ability to wield our own authority and use it in times of need. 


3. Releasing ties and associations based in victim hood, blaming, being an outcast from external sources. 


4. Healing the external rejection we experienced as an individual in the flow of our own rhythm.


5. Environmental destructiveness as an effect of rejection. 


6. Contrasting our nature with divine sense of self. Reinstating our natural wonderment. Wow Factor. 


7. Releasing Infertile belief structures and Disabling belief structures. Healing an Inability to land inside the realistic dimensional reality due to rejection of the inherent nature. 


8. Healing the rejection we experienced as an infant. 


9. Healing rejection from our parents. 


10. Healing Rejection from our past love interests and Partners. T


11. Healing Rejection from friends, social communities, organizations, work situations, school. 


12. Healing Our own Rejection of the love coming from others, God, the Universe. Rejection of transpersonal opportunities. Rejection as a defense mechanism 


13. Healing our rejection of others. Healing the programming to reject others as an extension of our rejection of self. A healing for Those we have rejected in the past as an externalized manifestation of our rejection of self. 


14. Making space for divine mother love. Allowing the love that encompasses everything to reside fertile in our selves.

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