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Increasing Heart to Heart Connection  Healing the Fear of Intimacy

Increasing Heart to Heart Connection Healing the Fear of Intimacy

Increasing Heart Connection in Relationship: Healing the fear of Intimacy.


A Psychic Surgery treatment for relationship's deepest challenges.


(Full Session - 1 hour and 4 minutes long)




In this session, we implement alchemical healing processes to transform and transcend the hidden blockages to giving and receiving love. We restore faith in love, ourselves and our partners.


This is a very comprehensive shamanic relationship healing session. Be sure to take the time for your personal healing in the weeks after listening.




Here are a few of the many areas we address in this session:


-Vibrationally encouraging the healing of our deepest core issues.


-Healing victim identities from the context of love relationship.


-Healing love bonding avoidance and underlying residual trauma and abuse scarring from the past.


-Support for discarding the need to "be right"and "to win".


-Awakening to the energy dynamics of equality and valuing the well being and happiness of your partner.


-Bringing in the frequency of complete safety to share, be vulnerable and fully receive love from another.


-Clearing old detrimental, unhealthy attachments and bondings from the past that are based in pain, trauma, lack.


plus many many more.....




Pure Soul Alchemy is a channeled energetic field where transformative operations and procedures are enacted for you while you comfortably relax. Through Gabriella's perception and vocalization of the inner energetic landscape, we are opened in ways which allow for these processes to come into our physical reality and enact change on our behalf. Plan to be laying down for the duration of the session. 


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