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Money and the Father Role Model

Money and the Father Role Model

Money and the Father Role Model. This session is a healing for our Individual Monetary systems, and more specifically, how they have been shaped by our father's influence. There are many ways that our father has influenced our money making and management styles. We may believe we are acting from choice but when you get right down to it, a lot of how we handle our money is pre programmed from dad, and partially, in reaction to his money programming. 


In this session: We will build upon the financial strengths we have gained from our father's influence, example and field. We will reconnect with our own authentic financial forms. We will heal any discrepancies where we are indirectly linked to our father's financial reality which may be adversely overlaying and overshadowing our own fortune. 


Healing points -  


1.  Healing the Subjugation of our will in response to our father's personal power distortions 


2.  Healing Autonomic and Subconscious Reactivity developed in response to our father's money operation system.


3.  Finding a healthy, practical and exciting new definition of what it means to follow our bliss filled inspiration and implementing it into our financial reality 


4.  Healing Role / Archetypes - taken on from father's orientation to fortune realization, healing overcompensating due to lack of contact with inherent design. Energizing Soul Super structures engagement.


5.  Present day financial health and responsibility


6.  Subtle field recalibration in response to our fathers set / inflexible boundaries around income and gross earnings. 


7.  Initiating a Financial peace filled existence. 


8.  Allowing Present day capabilities.  Interior rejection of higher self capacity for yielding high results with financial flow.


9.  Healing Poverty conscious, severe limitation / lack identity and role designation stipulation as part of this point in existence.  


10.  Legitimizing our success. 


11.  Healing Blaming our Fathers. 


12. Healing the Mother and the mothering we received in response to the Father and his fathering style. 


13.  FUNDS REAL-IZATION - making real our funds.

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