Money Series Session 3 : Activate & Monetize the Business / Career of your Dream

In this session, We will initiate healing processes to vibrationally

-declare, generate and activate the business / career of our dreams. 

-open our perception to opportunities which connect our passion and service with bountiful earning and savvy money management choices. 

-align with our gifts, talents and service (that which we will be bringing forth into the world) and establish it as a money making reality in our consciousness. 

-identify the one area which has been keeping us from taking action towards making it a reality and blow it to smithereens.


Prepare your optimum business or career scenario to enact now before listening to your session for the first time. What will it look like? Feel like? Who will you be once it is in place. 


Also think about the one internal or external barrier that gets in the way of your making it happen.



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