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New Year, New You! A Reset Session

New Year, New You! A Reset Session

Welcome the New Year with a profound subtle body reset. You will receive a clearing of your life, home, past and self. Plus, you will also receive substantial upgrades in your abilities to engage with the new energies of the year. 


A few of the many Healing points covered in this session:


1. Setting new sights and higher standards in motion. Reclaiming optimism and adventurous spirit in thoughts and modes of operation. 


2. Acclimating our systems to new frequencies corresponding to this new year. 


3. Initiating a balance for the coming year with the, water, fire, air, ether, plasma.


Balancing Chinese Elements... Water, Fire, Metal, Wood, Earth


4. Energizing our systems to accommodate the new and forming grids for the new year. 


5. Formation of New initiative / start up ability.


6. Surrendering old obsolete, unhealthy and dysfunctional tetherings, entanglement and entrainments. 


7. Encouraging a system wide FLOW.


8. Amplitude reconfiguration. Allowing our depths to fundamentally heal and engage with our soul inspired living. Sustained manifestation progress implementation. 


9. Restoring general sense of ease in identity. Initiating having a sense of peace in orientation to self / identity. 


10. 6th chakra and pineal gland healing, advancements, and spirit activations. Awakening to higher counsel. Opening perception to divine orchestrations in our lives. Attuning to admitting and allowing this loving force to inform and advance our lives. 


11. Conscious life awakening to clear resolve. Awakening commitment to owning our soul living realization and participation. Beginning the conversations with soul. 


12. Releasing heavy, oppressive energies, traumas, wounds and entities. 


13. Clearing out intention residues, from our physical body and homes, that are outmoded, out dated and in opposition to our soul's intentions and not in alignment with our new trajectories.


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