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Physical Body 2 Resetting our Natural Weight

Physical Body 2 Resetting our Natural Weight

Our culture is filled with stress. We are expected to ignore it and "carry on" as if it really isn't there. Most of us don't have the supportive peer environment or healthy habits to deal productively with our stress. What happens is stress gets repressed into our subconscious, lodged and stored in our bodies causing us emotional discomfort, pain, irritation, loss of vitality, inflammation - food sensitivities, chemical environmental . We lose touch with how we truly feel and thus the ability to effectively deal with what needs our full attention. Unhealthy coping patterns can then lead to over eating, compulsive eating & not taking care of ourselves with supportive movement. Our bodies are then set to keep us at a particular unhealthy weight, either for "protection" from being seen, an ongoing hostile situation or numbing our waking mind from the intensity of these unconscious stressful emotions. suppressed body communication.


In this session, we will clear unconscious emotional stress, unconscious repressed negative energies from the energetic grid of our physical bodies along with the dysfunctional coping patterns that keep us from being at and maintaining our body's ideal healthy weight.


For your session intention : 

one body weight stress issue & 

one dysfunctional, unhealthy coping behavior pattern you would like a deep clearing on.

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