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Receive the Support from Spirit in your everyday life. A Remedy for loneliness

Receive the Support from Spirit in your everyday life. A Remedy for loneliness

Receive the Support from Spirit in Your Everyday Life - A Remedy for Isolation and Existential Loneliness 


Whenever you feel lonely, it isn't exactly due to a lack of company. Loneliness stems from a disconnect within the self AS the Loving, Caring, Benevolent Heart of Mother/Father God. When you suffer from this disconnect, you forget that you are always taken care of and looked after in every moment of your life. You can easily loose your bearings and your sense of meaning, significance and relevance, thus, loosing conscious affiliation to the people and resources provided by the immense loving generosity of Spirit. When this connection is restored; Inspiration, Fun and Fulfillment are present - no matter who (or who isn't) in your vicinity. 


Listen to this session for a substantial boost to your Affinity with Spirit in each and every aspect of your life. 


Healing points we will cover: 


1. Establishing essential life supporting, fluid Certainty to rise within. Fostering our Landing in right relationship with our spiritual grounding core apparatus. 

2. Restoring vital caring for ourselves. Restoring full Receptivity to care coming from our Spirit Mother and Father. 

3. Remediating Feeling Alone with Life's problems and challenges. 

4. Reinstatement of trust in what is true for us at the deepest levels. 

5. Healing the loss of our spiritual tethering to the heart of God and Gaia. 

6. Restoring Profound responsiveness to our Golden tides within. 

7. Healing a bleak outlook based on the illusions of being insignificant to spirit and "Lack of Caring" from the Universal Love Source. 

8. Optimizing a golden scope of divine personalization that has not been intact before now. 

9. Clearing energy patterns of desolation, isolation, and extreme over expanded sense of doom, damage, disrepair. 

10. Clearing energy patterns of helplessness, fatigue, exhaustion, overload and worry. 

11. Clearing Dark Entities and Forces that are invested in keeping us stuck in the illusion of separation of spiritual healing, resource and Magyk. 

12. Healing the pattern of Suffering in silence apart from vital support - both external support and our own internal self resourcing capacity. Restoring this essential support. 

13. Introducing vital upliftment in our soul devices for connection. 

14. Healing early childhood parenting snafoos that programed automatic assumptions that we are parentless, unwelcome, unwanted and left alone with our growth, development and life's challenges.

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