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Relationship 1 Clear Dysfunctional Relationship Programs

Relationship 1 Clear Dysfunctional Relationship Programs

Relationship is a vital component to a happy and healthy life.  It is just as important as water and air to our well being.  It is the ultimate way to learn about ourselves, ground, grow, evolve and, let's face it, there is nothing like being in love with a special someone.

In this special series, we will explore, address and heal several key angles that infringe upon our openness, receptivity and our ability to attract and maintain a healthy and fulfilling relationship.


In this session, we uncover and clear the unconscious and lingering material from your past relationships which blocks you from attracting the soul mate you desire or from truly connecting from your depths and authentic self with the partner you currently have. We release hidden attachments you may still be carrying with your past partners which may be interfering with your ability to attract a new love or which may be hindering your current relationship. We explore and release patterns of attraction and involvement which hinder your ability to move forward in love.


Create a list of the names of your past partners along with one limiting relationship pattern from your past before listening to the session.

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