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Relationship 3  Magnetize a Wonderful Partner

Relationship 3 Magnetize a Wonderful Partner

Relationship is a vital component to a happy and healthy life.  It is just as important as water and air to our well being.  It is the ultimate way to learn about ourselves, ground, grow, evolve and, let's face it, there is nothing like being in love with a special someone.

In this special series, we will explore, address and heal several key angles that infringe upon our openness, receptivity and our ability to attract and maintain a healthy and fulfilling relationship.


In the 3rd session of the series, we identify and connect with those relationship qualities and partner characteristics which we absolutely must have and shift any contradictory or opposing ideas which hinder our ability to manifest these now. This is a great thing to do whether you desire a new relationship or are already in one and wish to make it better. If you are already in a relationship, calling in and magnetizing those qualities your most desire in a partner and in relationship opens the door and frees both you and your partner to joyfully step into and express these higher frequency and more loving attributes.


Have one vital relationship quality (one thing you absolutely must have in the relationship of your dreams) and one vital partner characteristic (your heart longs for a partner with this quality) prepared to hold in your heart for this session.

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