Relationship 4 Growing our Commitment to Self and your partner

Relationship is a vital component to a happy and healthy life.  It is just as important as water and air to our well being.  It is the ultimate way to learn about ourselves, ground, grow, evolve and, let's face it, there is nothing like being in love with a special someone.
In this special series, we will explore, address and heal several key angles that infringe upon our openness, receptivity and our ability to attract and maintain a healthy and fulfilling relationship.


In our 4th session of the Relationship series, we will explore commitment in relationship.  Whether you have difficulty committing to a partner, committing to yourself in relationship or attracting a partner who is ready for commitment, this session is for you. 

Join us as we create new templates for enhancing our level of commitment  to ourselves and increasing our joy, optimism, strength and enthusiasm about creating fulfilling committed relationships with a love partner. 

Have one issue in mind which you feel hinders your ability to commit to a love partner and/or yourself in relationship for the session.



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