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Relationship 5 Becoming Fully Available to Relationship

Relationship 5 Becoming Fully Available to Relationship

The question our session is formulated upon is "Just how available and open to a loving relationship am I?"  Whether you wish to have a relationship or are already in one, this question is definitely worth exploring. 


We will explore and reverse any unconscious ways in which we have shut ourselves off from love, intimacy and our partners.


I will also heal for the degree of Openness and Receptivity and clear what needs to be cleared in order to bring that number up for us all.  


(Note to recording listeners: this was a past group session and the "percentage of heart openness" in the recording was for the specific group at that time.  Listen to the recording and disregard the number / percentage that I say aloud with the understanding that your percentage is different and increasing along your individual rate).


Before listening to this session:

Prepare in advance, a list of 2 ways you feel you are not open to intimate relationship.



Here are some of the Healing points covered in this session recording:


Releasing the HEART WALL (emotion code)


Healing Trust/abandonment issues.  Healing being cheated on. Healing partners being unavailable emotionally or in other ways, being financially unstable. 


Healing attracting partners with mother/father issues or other addictive personalities.  Abandoned by parents and/or death of a parent. Healing failed relationship attempts.  Strengthening ability in setting clear boundaries.


Healing Fear of intimacy.  Healing Not Allowing people get too close to me due to history of being hurt and betrayed by past partners and even so-called friends.  Also by parents. 


Release fear of emotional investment.


Healing the deep fear of being close to someone.


Repairing trust in people

Healing fear of being hurt and rejected. 

Healing trying to control events and people and the progression in relationship unfolding. 


Healing feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious being around people, socializing, talking. which makes it difficult to even meet good partners. 

Healing getting nervous about seeing people again.


Healing for never having had a good role model for a healthy, happy, supportive relationship. Healing abusive relationship patterns. A healing for living in the sensation-hungry society that we are.

Healing being fed through the media unhealthy relationship models, patterns and scandals.



Healing the past hurts/disappointments from previous relationships get in the way of believing that a great relationship is actually possible.


Clearing beliefs that "relationships can be energy-draining and difficult instead of energy-enhancing and fun/joyful."


Releasing unforgiveness toward myself for the relationships I have had that did not nurture me and unforgiveness towards the partners I had relationships with.



Healing the belief that "no one is going to love me enough to want to be in a committed relationship with me."


Healing that belief that "there isn't anyone out there who is meant to be my partner."  

Healing not believing 'there is anyone out there who would accept me for who I am" 

Healing the belief that "they would want me to change into what they want me to be."

Healing the belief "who I am is not good enough."



Healing: ambivalent heart, negative self perception/body image.


Healing getting nervous when attractive-to-me type members of the opposite sex approach and or interact.  Healing ... becoming nervous and tongue tied, self conscious, shut down.


Healing relationship/desirableness insecurities.  Healing the belief that 'I have to look like I have it all together all the time"


Healing the programming that says' "When my partner has a problem I feel I have to fix it or that it is a reflection of me."




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