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Relationship 6 Clear your Past Relationship Partners

Relationship 6 Clear your Past Relationship Partners

In this session, we will clear the unconscious and lingering material, traumatic relationship experiences, learned relationship behaviors & expectations from our past relationships. 


These have blocked us long enough from attracting the soul mate we desire and from being in harmonious flow with the partner we currently have! 


We will release hidden attachments we may still be carrying with our past partners which may be interfering with our ability to attract a new love or which may be hindering our current relationship.


We will also explore and release patterns of attraction and involvement which hinder our ability to move forward in love.




-a list of the names of your past partners,

-one limiting relationship pattern from your past

-one major dysfunctional pattern from your parent's relationship you feel you may be carrying forward into your relationships
-one attraction pattern you are ready to be rid of.

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