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Soul Change part 1 - An End to Your Self Destructive Ways

Soul Change part 1 - An End to Your Self Destructive Ways

In the quest to make your life better and become a better version of yourself, you probably have noticed that your sense of autonomy and free choice appear to get hijacked at times by your unconscious materials. It can seem that, no matter how hard you try to make positive changes in these aspects of your life, you are thwarted at every turn. 


In this session, you will receive shamanic processes specifically geared to deconstruct those hidden fear based roadblocks to your success, happiness and fulfillment...making way for bigger and better things. 


Healing points that are addressed:


1. Overturn unconscious hidden commitments and agreements to pain, suffering, discomfort and limitation.

2. Deconstructing ancestral traumas and entrainments that thwart our own best efforts towards succeeding and following through on our beneficial unfoldment. Washing the genealogical strands. 

3. Obliterate Highway maneuvers by hidden dark forces invested in our depravity, failure, distractions from our soul's right path, insignificance. 

4. Dietary restrictions leading to indigestible sequences, impacted outcome, dependency on unsubstantial sources, caved in efficacy. 

5. Release the archetypes of Dominator / Submissive. 

6. Healing the Tendency to downplay one's own Strengths, Importance, relevance. Disastrous disempowering Effects from childhood and past early relationships. Parental dis empowerment, lack of drive. 

7. Heal the tendency to invest in other people's dramas, desires, agendas. 

8. Deactivate Income Reversal systemic homeostasis aberrations. 

9. Release the Squelching ourselves off from throwing ourselves fully into the work of our soul. 

10. Liberation from Sexuality / creativity / Spontaneity repression. These words all describe the vital existence point in our being. Quintessential spark for flowing our flame in correct expression. Clearing Shame.

11. Initiating Venturing out on a new field of experience.

12. Healing Incapacitation coming from other peoples emotions, fears. 

13. Filling our inner space with the unifying essence of our sacred soul.

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