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Soul Change part 2 - An Activation for your New Intentions and Goals

Soul Change part 2 - An Activation for your New Intentions and Goals

Want to make some positive changes? 


In this session, you will be provided with some extra umph to strengthen the power of your New aspirations along with clarifying shamanic operations to focus your intent. This is a perfect opportunity and forum to increase the potency of your new goals. 


Simply have in mind several goals, plans or desires that you would like to materialize and bring to fruition. Don't hold back! Let your heart proclaim your deep wishes for this session so you can receive some divine push to set them into motion.



Some of the healing points we will cover :


1. Enhance your personal affinity with your new life soul designs.

2. Shamanic processes to fire up enthusiasm, positive outlook, drive and focus for attaining your goals. 

3. Clarity about what you truly want in your life and how to attain it. 

4. Enhance affiliation with joyful activity and behavior for working towards your goals. Bringing in the joy, fun, happiness of right relationship with each stage of our creative flow. 

5. Locate and eradicate happiness disruptor patterns. 

6. Enhancing: patience, diligence, follow through, service, altruism and peace-finding- throughout our creative journey. Enhancing optimistic outlook, resourcefulness, buoyancy, following through on prospects sent to us by God.

7. Awakening our distinctive qualities of play integrated with utilitarianism. Recovering our childhood enthusiasm, "anything is possible" attitudes and delivering them to our Adult selves. Assisting the Unfolding of passionate awareness, transforming irreverence onto joyous gusto.

8. Igniting a healing Activation for our new goals. Infusing generative, purpose-filled energy enhancements to our wish list and Soul's goals. 

9. Liberating ourselves from interruption markers. Dispelling the myth of impossibility and limitation. Releasing old injuries to our childhood and young adult enthusiasm for life. 

10. Creating supportive enhancements for our enthusiasm to bring forth heart felt sentiment into our positively intentioned behaviors. Implementing a Powerful Heart Activation. 

11. An activation of our goals, aspirations, wish lists...focusing on the deep healing of ancestral limitations that have perpetually kept us from getting anywhere near these goals. 

12. Initiating a Divine Magnification of our goals so that we can essentially "see" the bigger picture, proceed with awareness and follow through and in collaboration with Spirit.

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