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Washing Away Toxic Shame : Residing in the Divine Mother's Embrace

Washing Away Toxic Shame : Residing in the Divine Mother's Embrace

Shame is at the root of our most challenging impasses. When we don't even consider going for exciting and fulfilling new challenges, there is most likely a big load of shame behind it.  Deep seated shame is responsible for keeping us from life's most precious gifts.  It can keep us from pursuing a new job, asking for higher pay, allowing a wonderful potential partner to come into our lives, standing up for ourselves.  It can even keep us from having a loving transparent relationship with ourselves. 


The most beautiful gift from the Divine Mother is to wash away our shame and put us back into right relationship with our heart.  Her love reminds us that we are good and lovable exactly as we are.  In tonight's session, we will invoke the Divine Mother's blessings and wash away any deeply buried shame that has debilitated us long enough.



Some of the Healing Points we will cover in our session :

1.  Inviting Divine Mother into our inner space and into our day to day life.  


2.  Substantiation of the Self.  


3. Healing Shame and all of it's disguises. 


4.  Healing Unwillingness to confront the dark side that is fueled by Shame.  Healing Adolescent Shame - puberty. 

Healing Shame ages 2 - 5. 

Healing Shame ages 15 -19. 

Healing Shame from past behaviors. 

Healing Adult Shame. 

Healing Shame about Sexuality. 

Healing Existential Shame about "who I am."


5.  Clearing Entity attachments that are highly invested in maintaining our structures of Shame.  


6. Aching to be rejoined with the Christ Consciousness. 


7. Healing of Crushed maladapted unintegrated parts. 


8. Going it alone on many levels due to incorporated Shame. 


9. Fantasy life of going for it "out there" rather than inherent corporal physical identity. 


10. Splitting off from the self. This distortion happens when the shame is deeply conditioned into our beings. 


11. Invalidation of the soul. 


12. General wariness of life. Inability to proceed.

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