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Relationship Intensive Part 3 - Evolve your Relationship

Relationship Intensive Part 3 - Evolve your Relationship

Right Relationship with Yourself = Right Relationship.

Workshop Intensive Part 3

Evolve your Relationship.

My new life within Relationship. 62312
Session 3 of the Relationship Intensive Workshop. 


More often than not, when we are wishing for a mate, we leave ourselves out of the picture. We identify the great qualities we would like this fabulous person to have but we forget to include our vision of who WE want to become - our deep aspirations for ourselves as a soulful human being - in relationship to this wonderful new mate. 

In this Intensive PSA workshop, we will not only identify and hone in on the ideal mate our heart and soul truly longs for, but also, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, the qualities in ourselves which we aspire to bring forward. 

We will create a more optimized set of life circumstances to contain our new personas and new relationship - the whole picture. Once, we've created that, we will also identify any current or potential blockages that we feel may interfere with this New Relationship Vision coming to fruition. 

This Workshop is for anyone wishing to clarify and implement a new design for themselves in relationship. Married people, singles and committed partners would all benefit from doing this work. As we shift the design of our relationship templates, as well as ourselves in relationship to this template, we broadcast a whole new set of frequency options. Doing this allows us and our partners to transform into our new relationship horizon. 

Be prepared for MAJOR SHIFTING during and after listening to this workshop series in the days following.

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