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Psychic Surgery for the Soul


Advanced Bio Energy Surgery

Are you at a crossroads in your life and ready for a change?


Experiencing difficult emotions, stagnation or paralysis?

Are you in the midst of challenging situations that seem unsolvable?


If so, then this work is for you!


Pure Soul Alchemy is a multi-dimensional catalyst for liberated change.


This highly transformative shamanic work can unblock and

reconstruct your reality to get your life on the right track.

Be advised that this work can change your life!

You will be challenged:

*to move through your preconceptions, programming & limitations;

*to question & change your belief system and

*to expand into new possibilities.

A Healing for Forgetfulness
Dissolving Paralyzing Fears
Healing Frequencies for a Reset
Let Go of Resentments Now
Break the Habit of Self Isolation

Experience Pure Soul Alchemy now on YouTube

Over 75 free video sessions to choose from


Last week, after the zoom session, I accomplished so much all week, and continue to do so.  I had felt stuck and discouraged for many months, and these feeling were compounded by the resulting restrictions from the current Covid-19 virus. Stuck and discouraged by  projects at home and just life in general.  Things that I thought were obstacles and difficult/maybe unattainable, became clear.  Some disappeared when I realized my own pressure, peer pressure and or social pressure had caused me to feel something needed to be a certain way.      I was able to let    go of those so called obstacles and move on.   I was suddenly able to see the solution to what remained and have easily moved forward.  I feel a genuine lightness in my spirit and mood.  I have shifted to a better place with more compassion for myself and others, with once again an open heart and clear mind.

White Flowers

Here are some of the life enhancing results you may experience:

* A Paradigm Shift: revealing a new and better reality

* Transformation of Career, Relationship, Finances, Family, Home...

* Feeling renewed and energized

* Calm focused clarity in the operations of daily life

* Connecting with old buried emotions that can now be dealt with and cleared

* Remembering things long forgotten

* Dreams that inform you of that which you are ready to let go

* New freedom of choice to feel, think and act differently where you couldn't before

* Releasing unresolved and detrimental relationships - opening the space for new & better ones to begin

* And more... 

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From Gabriella:

Pure Soul Alchemy flows naturally from my being and is an expression of who I am.   This deeply nourishing work is a transmission of transformative energy. 

Our joint commitment to transform ourselves acts as a catalyst and amplifier for the alchemical work that clients receive. 

I am deeply honored to assist you in your powerful soul transformations.

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312 W. Stassney Ln
Austin, TX 78745

(inside Active Life Chiropractic Clinic)

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